Pay your 2021/2022 Activity Fee Online!

Activity fee fundraiser

SPX CSPC (Catholic School parent council)

Dear Parents and Guardians,                                                                                                  September 2021


It’s time for our annual Activity Fee Fundraiser. The Activity Fee (a voluntary collection of $50 per student) is intended to fund extra resources and programs for the students. This fundraiser helps reduce the number of additional fundraising events.


This past year, COVID made things very different for all of us. This year, it is still proving difficult to predict what range of activities and programming will be permitted as the year progresses.  In the hope that this year will be more stable, we are purchasing agendas for the students (Gr. 1-8), craft fees for JK/SKs, classroom resources for every teacher, ECE and FSL teacher.  We are also attempting to budget for other enrichment programs our Activity Fee would normally contribute to.


We hope the 2021/2022 school year will be less restrictive, but there may still be challenges and changes.  If so, we may have to pivot in our approach to how we use these funds. In short, our proposal is that we remain flexible by alternatively using the funds to support the kids and their classrooms in other ways that are allowed under any current restrictions.

Please consider contributing $50 for each of your St. Pius X children. 


The funds we collect, as they are available, will be divided equitably between each class, and the teachers will help in identifying their classroom’s needs.

St. Pius X  CSPC

** Please note that Social Justice initiatives & charities, like the St. Pius Cancer Fund, Dr. Simone Hard Candy Drive, Terry Fox Run, and other classroom fundraisers for charity are voluntary donations separate from the CSPC budget and are passed directly to the organization for which the funds were raised. **