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Activity fee fundraiser

SPX CSPC (Catholic School parent council)

Dear Parents and Guardians,

In past years, we have run our annual Activity Fee Fundraiser. The Activity Fee (a voluntary collection of $50 per student) funded extra resources and programs for the students. This fundraiser also helped to reduce the number of additional fundraising events.


This year, COVID has made things very different for all of us. The 2020/2021 school year is going to have its challenges and be full of changes. Many of the programs and resources our Activity Fee would normally contribute to, such as field trips and Scientist in the School, cannot be run during the current restrictions. We have also decided not to purchase agendas for the students this year as we simply do not yet know what daily school life is going to be like.


Instead, we want to be flexible and hopefully more helpful in ways that will really support our kids and their classrooms. We will be continuously communicating with the teachers and staff to see what they need as we go. Initially, we anticipate that all aspects of keeping our kids safe in the school will need support, including personal protective tools, cleaning products, distancing tools, etc.  Still wanting to be flexible, if things go well and restrictions are lifted, we would then hope to be able to start supporting the teachers’ ability to offer extra programming to the students.   

Please consider contributing $50 for your St. Pius child.  You can pay online  by clicking on the activity fee  below.

Or you can make your family’s cheque payable to St. Pius X CSPC and return it to the school along with the form on the back as soon as possible.  You can also download the form here.


The funds we collect, as they are available, will be divided equitably between each class, and the teachers will help in identifying their classroom’s needs.

We thank you in advance for your Generous Support!

St. Pius  CSPC

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** Please note that Social Justice initiatives & charities, like the St. Pius Cancer Fund, Dr. Simone Hard Candy Drive, Terry Fox Run, and other classroom fundraisers for charity are voluntary donations separate from the CSPC budget and are passed directly to the organization for which the funds were raised. **