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Committees are how we make our events and projects so successful. All our committees are run by volunteers, and we are always looking for eager parents to help!

If you would like to participate please contact us


We currently we have the following active committees:

  • Christmas Bazaar

  • Civies Day

  • Social Justice

  • Spirit

  • S.P.R.I.N.G / Playground

  • IT / Website

St. Pius X Christmas Bazaar

The Christmas Bazaar is an annual tradition and favourite event for St. Pius students and

parents and features crafts from local vendors, fun children's games, fresh baked goods,

beautiful hand made gift baskets, PLUS raffle prizes and a silent auction with items

donated by our local merchants! The funds raised from the Bazaar will help provide for

library books, classroom supplies, Christmas baskets for needy families, as well as

science, music and art programs!

Civvies Day and Cancer Awareness

Civies Day generally occur on the last Friday of every month. Students are invited to dress casually (out of uniform) in exchange for making a donation to our pediatric cancer fund called St. Pius Cancer Fund. Monies collected monthly are distributed among several pediatric cancer charities. 

School Spirit

The Spirit Committee works with the principal in planning Spirit days which generally occur on the 3rd Friday of the month. These days have included Crazy Hat Day, Team Day, Pajama Day, etc.


The Running Club

The Running Club was formed in 2014 by two dedicated parent 'runners', Arbelle Manicate-Emo and Linda Acton, who worked closely with our St. Pius cross country and long distance teacher/coaches in order to bring students enhanced conditioning and opportunities to further develop their running, as well as their understanding of all aspects of healthy living.


Social Justice

The St. Pius X Social Justice Committee encourages and facilitate acts of Social Justice within our school community and beyond, by engaging in works of charity and social outreach.


Some of our recent initiatives have included an annual Terry Fox school run, a Thanksgiving Soup Drive in support of St. Francis Table, a Hard Candy Drive for children in developing countries facilitated through Dr. Simone, a Catholic Children's Aid Baby Shower collection, and a Lenten Shoe Box Drive in support of Canadian Food for Children.

S.P.R.I.N.G / Playground

The committee’s project's name stands for SPX Playground Renewal: Imagine, Nurture, Grow”. The name captures the theme behind the changes we've made and wish to continue to maintain and improve.

IT / Website

Our vision is to allow parents to easily access information about CSAC meetings, events and volunteer opportunities, while also giving parents the choice to pay for Pizza lunches, SPX apparel, and even the Activity Fee on-line should they choose.

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